GOOD Practices


GOOD Practices

Learn good practices of time policies

Initiatives improving communities and the performance of municipalities.

Productive fabric, commerce and consumption and restaurants and catering services

Corporate sector, hospitality, bars and restaurants.

Municipal Services

Public sphere and internal organization.


Childcare, schools and high schools, and companies and organizations dedicated to extracurricular activities.

Leisure and Associations

Associative fabric and companies dedicated to leisure activities.

Mobility and Public Roads

Public transport network, parking areas and signalling.

Health Services

Primary healthcare centres and other healthcare and social sanitary services.

Culture and Nightlife

Theatres, museums, exhibitions. clubs, popular festivals and fairs, music concerts…


Gender equity and co-responsibility.


How municipalities are adapting to the new COVID-19 reality.

2030 Agenda

What municipalities are doing to achieve the 17 targets for sustainable development marked by the UN 2030 Agenda.


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