Compacted working hours

The Tourist Office has compacted its working hours: at lunchtime it’s closed for one hour, instead of two.

Shows and performances at the right time

The music venue La Mirona coordinates the schedules of music shows (from 8.30 or 9 until 11 p.m.) with restaurants (which open at 8 p.m.), in order to offer a complete leisure experience, so attendees can have dinner before shows.

Municipal Youth Department

A new health intervention project in high schools to assess indicators related to health habits, which should guide an action plan for future initiatives.

Municipal School of Music

There are courses at noon, especially for those students attending nearby schools, so they have more free time in the afternoon when they finish classes earlier.

Secondary School Narcís Xifra

Students are offered both fruit and sandwiches, and the school cafeteria offers apples for €0,10 so every student can have a morning snack (the school shoulders the rest of the cost of the fruit).