Corso Libertà, an example of urban regeneration

Urban time policies of Bolzano deal with the intersection of time and (public) space. The city is the place where inhabitants live their time.
In the last years parts of the city decayed due to the closing of many shops. (For example Corso Libertà). The most important upgrading intervention done by the city Administration has been the new lighting project on the roadside facing the shops.

The Capital city of the Time Use Reform

Prats de Lluçanès became the capital of the Time Use Reform from April 25th until May 1st of 2016 – restaurants started an unprecedented awareness campaign targeted to their clients about healthy time uses.

Girona Network for the Time Use Reform

Girona is a ground-breaking city among the organizations advocating for the reform of the time use, together with Esplugues de Llobregat and Barcelona.

Healthy meals

Many restaurants open from 8 p.m.; and some of them are scheduling now split shifts for their staff.

Time for you, time for everybody

The commercial shops of the municipality close earlier, at 7 p.m., within the action plan of the Slow Shop movement.