1. General considerations

1.1. Who owns this web site

This website, with domain reformahoraria.info, hereinafter referred as “the website”, is owned by ASSOCIACIÓ BARCELONA TIME USE INITIATIVE FOR A HEALTHY SOCIETY (hereinafter referred as BTUI), located at C/ Ganduixer 10, Escala A 6-2, Barcelona 08021. Contact details:


CIF: G-66200288

Address: C/ Ganduixer 10, Escala A 6-2, Barcelona, 08021.

Contact e-mail: info@timeuse.barcelona

Hereinafter this organization will be referred as the owner of this website, or as BTUI.

1.2. Brief description of this website and its purpose

This website has the purpose to inform about the Time Use reform and its services, allowing the user to get in contact with the owner of this website to answer his or her queries.

1.3. What is the purpose of this legal notice?

This disclaimer is intended to inform the user who owns this website, as well as to offer information about the data collected from the user and, if applicable, its purpose.

Together with this text, the user can also consult other legal disclaimers such as our privacy policy and cookies policy.

1.4. How to get in touch with the owner of this website?

In order to contact with our team, the user may contact the address mentioned before, or through email: info@timeuse.barcelona.

  1. Operation of this website

2.1. How does this website work?How does this website work?

Any user can visit this website at any time, as well as consulting the services offered in it and getting in touch with the owner of the website.

2.2. Types of users of our website

User seeking information: any user accessing our website with the purpose of requesting information about the services offered using the website’s contact forms or through email.

Website visitor: any user that simply navigates our website and who may contact us.

2.3. Confidentiality

We may collect data from the user while he or she is using our website, according to the terms set in our privacy policy and our cookies policy. All this information will be processed with confidentiality, especially if these data is of a personal nature.

2.4. Terms of use of this website

2.4.1. General considerations

Any person accessing our website is considered a user. This implies accepting the legal disclaimers of this website, including legal notices, data protection policies, intellectual property policies, security measures and the applicable law, among others.

The user, when accessing our website, accepts the risks that may occur. The user is responsible for avoiding any controllable risks using any suitable means available.

The user is required to read carefully this legal notice every time he or she is visiting this website, since this disclaimer may be revised, and therefore shall be accepted again.

In addition to these terms of use, the user undertakes to respect the rest of the dispositions set by this website, as they regulate all the rights and obligations of the users for their better protection, for the protection of this platform, and therefore of these services.

2.4.2. Rights of the user

  • The user has the right to receive an answer to his or her queries, comments or exercise of rights, following the terms established in our platform.

  • The user has the right to his or her information to be treated with respect and in the highest privacy, which is regulated by our policy of data protection.

2.4.3. Restrictions of the user

  • The user is restricted to access unauthorized information about the services offered in this website, nor other users’ information in any unauthorized or illegal way that may cause damage to the owner of this website, to third parties or to any user.

  • It is prohibited to use any hyperlink to or from defamatory, pornographic, racist websites; or with fake and damaging information to this website or to the professionals and collaborators working in or for this website.

  • The user must in all cases refrain from deleting, altering or manipulating any protective device or security system that may be installed in this website to commit fraud or any other crime; as well as from attempting to violate the rights of intellectual property, privacy and confidentiality of users of this platform or its owner.

2.4.4. Rights of the owner

  • The owner of this website has the right to process the data of the user according to the terms established in these disclaimers, the privacy policy and the cookies policy. The owner has the right to use this information to answer the queries of the users and/or to follow them up; and will implement all the measures required by law to provide its service in an effective way.

  1. Content policy, intellectual and industrial property

3.1. Types of contents in our website

3.1.1. Intellectual property policy

  • Our intellectual property policy is applicable to the entirety of our website, as well as the contents included in these platforms.

  • The user expressly and generally recognises that the information, graphics, images, designs, logos, animations, videos, texts and other elements and contents, including the computer services and applications of the website, are protected by industrial and intellectual property rights, held by BTUI and/or third parties after duly authorisation for its use in this platform, which are not transferred to the user beyond those rights expressly mentioned.

  • The user accessing this website may visualise its information and reproduce or download it privately to his or her device, provided that these elements are not transferred afterwards to third parties or installed in a server connected to Internet or to a local network.

  • In line with this, the user is not authorised to, including but not limited to, distribute, modify, transform, transfer, publish, or any other expressly authorised action, the contents and elements previously indicated, including the source codes of any of the elements of this website or platform.

  • The user who submits any kind of content to our platform ensures having the necessary rights, being BTUI exempt of any responsibility related to the content and legality of the information.

  • The provision of contents by the user, such as comments, contributions or publications of photographs, videos, etc., implies the transfer to BTUI free of charge of the rights to use the intellectual and industrial property of these contents; within the scope allowed by the applicable legislation. In other words, the owner of this website may use this kind of contents without the user having right to economic compensation.

  • The user recognizes that BTUI may modify the content submitted in order to make them suitable and compatible with the technical and cosmetic properties of the platform.

  • The user will be directly responsible for the consequences and damages caused to the owner of the platform and/or third parties as a result of infringing any obligation included in this point.

3.1.2. User limitations regarding the access and use of our content

The access to contents with intellectual property by the user does not imply the transfer of any of these rights. The use of this information and contents by the user can only be private, and any use or reproduction by the user may only be undertaken according to the legal provisions and policies set by in this disclaimer, complying with the applicable legal limitations.

In particular,

  • it is prohibited to reproduce, transform, distribute, publicly communicate, make available to the public or to carry out any other form of operation without the written consent of the owners.
  • It is also prohibited to link this website without the consent of the owner, and if necessary, it is only allowed to link the main page of this website.

  • Without the express authorisation of BTUI, links to “end pages”, acts of “frame” or any other similar kind of manipulation is not permitted, with the exception of the provisions of point 3.1.4 of this notice.

If you wish to request to publish or to use any of the contents of our website, please contact us through the means indicated in point 1.4 of this Legal Notice.

3.1.3. Authorisations and permissions

The user may visualise the elements of this website, print them, copy them and store them in his or her hard drive or any other physical support, as long as the use is only and exclusively for personal and private purposes; it is forbidden its use with commercial purposes, its distribution, modification, alteration or decompilation.

3.1.4. Hyperlinks

The subjects or organizations that wish to establish a hyperlink between their website and this website must meet the following conditions:

  • The hyperlink may only allow access to the homepage of the website, without reproducing it in any form.

  • No frame may be created on the website platform.

  • No false, inexact or incorrect statements may be made in respect of BTUI, its managing members, its staff and the services provided through this platform.

  • It shall not be stated or given to be understand that BTUI has authorized or supervised in any way the services offered in the website where the hyperlink is established.

  • With the exception of those elements that are part of the hyperlink, the website where the hyperlink is established cannot contain any brand, commercial name, logo, slogan or any other distinguishing marks from BTUI.

  • The web page to which the link is established shall not contain any information or content which may be illicit or contrary to morals and generally accepted ethical conduct and public order, nor shall it contain any content or contrary to any third-party rights.

  • Establishing this hyperlink shall not imply, in any case, the existence of a relationship between BTUI and the owner of the website where the hyperlink was established, nor the acceptance or approval by BTUI of the services and contents offered in in the latter website.

3.2. About the software of this website and its design

The owner of this website has the permissions and licenses to operate this website, as well as the relative rights of its design. The use of design or programming code by the users is forbidden, being liable for any fraudulent use or damage to the owner of this website and third parties.

It is forbidden in any case to extract, manipulate, copy, compile or decompile any element of our website, for other purpose that the ones established in our website; detecting any action against this point may result in legal actions against the perpetrator.

3.3. Corporate identity and brand

The user is not allowed to use our brand, domain, slogan or any other element pertaining to our corporate identity without our explicit consent.

3.4. Supplementary rules

This notice is complemented by the regulations set in the governing intellectual and industrial property laws.

  1. Liabilities

4.1 Guarantees

The access to our website is at the user’s own risk, including the information he or she submits and any security measures to guarantee his or her navigation.

The owner of this website undertakes to every effort, as far as reasonably possible, to avoid mistakes in the contents published in the website.

BTUI declines any responsibility in temporary technical failures that may affect the platform, provoked by causes beyond BTUI’s control, viruses or technological failures from third parties, nor by disrespectful and illegal actions by users.

BTUI does not guarantee the availability, continuity nor infallibility of the functioning of the website, and consequently, it excludes by the maximum means permitted by the current legislation, any responsibility for the damages and injuries of any form that can result from the availability or continuity of the functioning of the web site, as such any errors in the access of the distinct web pages.

BTUI declines any responsibility for damages to the computer systems, or damages of any kind, affecting the user while accessing the contents of our website. BTUI does not guarantee the absence of viruses or other elements, which could produce alterations or damages in the computer system, or in the electronic documents and files, of the user or third parties.

4.2. Published content

BTUI is responsible for the content and/or updating the hyperlinks of our website, the information that indexes this website and that may be linked with other websites or companies related to the search criteria of the user.

BTUI will review and update the published information of our website but does not guarantee that all of the information contained in this website is entirely exact, thorough or complete due to any justifiable reason.

Without prejudice to the limitations set by the current legislation, BTUI declines any liability for damages of any kind resulting from the lack of exactness, thoroughness and/or updating of the content, nor from any error or omission in the information contained in this website or its content.

4.3. Services

BTUI declines any liability which may derive from, including but not limited to: (i) the content that the user publishes through our platform, that may cause direct or indirect damages to third parties; (ii) the mistakes in the information related to the content published in the website; (iii) any wrongful or improper use of this website by the user, nor any misinterpretation of its content.

The users shall abstain from infringing the applicable legislation.

4.4. Service failures

BTUI declines any liabilities for any technical errors in the platform and/or in the supply of Internet: (i) in case of actions or mistakes by third parties and/or (ii) for own cases when these are resolved, or diligent actions have been put into place.

4.5. Other responsibilities and obligations

BTUI reserves the right to communicate any confidential information invested by the user upon requirement by law, regulation and/or any other legal, judicial or governmental mandate.

  1. Operation and protection of this website

This website shall be operative 24 hours a day during all year, where technical means allows.

Notwithstanding, BTUI reserves the right to temporarily modify or interrupt, totally or partially, the access to the system without notifying the user due to maintenance, update or reparation of the service, or whenever the Internet provider may require it.

In case the user detects any anomaly, interference by third parties, errors in the system or wrong functioning of the website, he or she shall notify it to BTUI in order to implement a solution.

  1. Modifications of this legal notice

BTUI reserves the right to modify this legal notice in order to adapt it to any legislative or jurisprudential changes, as well as to carry out modifications deemed convenient in relation to the commercial practices or of the industry.

In case of a substantial change, we will provide a notice through this website in advanced of the changes implemented in our policies, indicating when they will enter into effect.

  1. Applicable regulation of this website

All of our legal policies and texts are in accordance with Spanish legislation: Law 34/2002 on information society services and electronic commerce, and Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of 27 April 2016 on the protection of personal data, and any other laws that may be imposed.

  1. Exclusions of the legal policy of this website

This legal policy on applies solely to published information and the processing of data made through our website. In any case, these conditions shall be necessary related with the policies of BTUI regarding its services, as well as the services offered by its owner.

  1. Applicable legislation and jurisdiction

Should any contradiction or discrepancy arise in the interpretation or application of these conditions or notice, the competent court will be the court of Barcelona. Should the user be a final consumer, the competent court shall now be the court where the final consumer resides. Should the user be a legal entity, the competent court will be the court of Barcelona.

  1. Which other legal policies applies to this notice and to the user?

This legal notices is complemented by the other legal policies of our websites, which were already mentioned in this notice, such as our privacy policy and cookies policy; in addition to any other necessary policy that adds to or complements to these terms; always following the requirements set by the current legislation in order to safeguard the interests of the users.