Leisure and Associations

Swimming pools schedules

For the summer season, we are launching a work with swimming pools to think about their openings and hours in order to be more in adequation with our citizen’s ways of live.

Métropole Européenne de Lille 

Meetings with organizations

Since a few years ago the City Council has successfully changed the schedule of meetings with different organizations and institutions, planning them earlier and trying not to meet later than 8 p.m. This improvement was only possible thanks to different education initiatives, and it has proven that citizens can adapt to a new time use.

Molins de Rei

Scout group Calabrot d’Argent and families

At the Scout group Calabrot d’Argent, trips are planned annually so the students’ families can plan in advance their activities. The communication with the families, through instant messaging, works in an optimal and fluid fashion, using social media and platforms (website, Instagram and Facebook) as the corporate channels of communication of the organization. Furthermore, school trips for infants and teenagers of different ages happen at the same time, optimizing the time availability for families, and they never happen during weekends and bank holidays so families can use this time for their own activities. Moreover, mealtimes during school trips are scheduled earlier in order to optimize activities and the use of time..



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