Bogota’s Care System

Bogota’s Care System operates in three distinct ways:

  1. Care Blocks: A new criterion for the city’s urban planning that gives centrality to caregivers and care work and organises the city to meet people’s needs. Care Blocks are situated so that services are located in an 800-metre vicinity and can be accessed within a 15- to 20-minute walk.
  2. Care Buses: The mobile version designed for people who live in rural and outlying areas, guaranteeing rural and peasant caregivers have access to care services. This is especially important because caregivers in Bogotá’s rural areas devote more time to care work and often lack basic utilities like running water or
  3. The “Home Care Delivery”: A programme designed for the 14% of full-time caregivers who cannot access Care Blocks or Care Buses due to the conditions of the people they care for, mainly individuals with severe disabilities who are seldom able to leave the household. Door-to-Door Care will deliver services to this special population in their own households, guaranteeing their access to the System.
  4. The Care System is also implementing a strategy for cultural change, called “Men’s Care Schools”, so that men can acquire housework skills and caring abilities.