Fostering co-responsible reconciliation through public procurement

The SPASER is the local tool that outlines the community’s main policy orientations in terms of sustainable public purchasing, and the aim of this policy is to include procurement clauses in municipal contracts to encourage awarded suppliers to adopt work-life balance measures. The governance part includes several areas, ranging from the development of sourcing to the technical and political monitoring of its implementation and evaluation, and including communication.

In regards to external communication, local and national dissemination was ensured as soon as the plan was adopted; as regards internal communication, it is essential that the
departments and services take ownership of the plan’s content.

Some participated in its drafting and are driving forces in this area; others are keen to increase their skills so that purchasers, project managers and finance officers can give concrete expression to the principles that structure the plan. In-depth and regular exchanges are held between the local authority’s purchasing department and these departments in order to ensure that everyone can successfully take ownership of its content.