Concierge service (comptoir des services)

The City of Strasbourg, which pledges to promote professional equality by improving employees’ coordination of their professional and personal life, has chosen to cover the operating costs of a social company providing a concierge service. This service aims to make the lives of city employees easier, alleviate often complex daily routines, better balance professional and personal life and find those little “extras” that provide great services.

Employees need only pay the very reasonably-priced cost of the service they request. This service desk serves as an intermediary so that employees can access a range of services at their place of work, at no extra cost. Among the numerous services proposed are:

  • Personal at-home services: childcare, tutoring, pet-sitting and pet care, cleaning, garden maintenance, etc.
  • Maintenance and repair: ironing, clothing alterations, dry cleaning, shoe repair, bicycle repair, car maintenance, telephone/computer/tablet repairs, technical inspections, etc.
  • Circular economy: small appliance and DIY equipment rental, game and book loans/donations, dress sales, charity drives, collection drives (batteries, light bulbs), etc.
  • Deliveries: parcels (reception/dispatch), produce baskets, etc.
  • Advice: low-carbon mobility, moving assistance, etc.
  • Well-being: massage, hairdressing and manicures
  • Pop-up activities and events: DIY workshops, craft markets and group orders
  • Mini emergency shop: hygiene, coffee capsules, raincapes, cards and stamps, bread, etc.