Decalogue for better time organisation

The decalogue emerged as part of the Time Agreement of Barcelona, and aims to move towards a healthier, more egalitarian and more efficient organisation of time. The decalogue offers ten measures that cover various aspects of employees’ reality at the city council:

  1. Striving for more rational meeting schedules
  2. Promoting virtual meetings to reduce the environmental impact
  3. Cutting the number of meetings and making them more productive
  4. Guaranteeing the right to digital disconnection
  5. Avoiding working on weekly rest days
  6. Bringing lunch times forward
  7. Reducing working lunches to a minimum
  8. Promoting a physical and psychosocial health plan for the well-being of people in the organisation and taking into account the use of time
  9. Building a safe and efficient teleworking system through consensus
  10. Disseminating information and promoting greater familiarity with and application of this ten-point plan in our daily routine

Publication of the decalogue was followed by a dissemination plan for all employees that included:

  • Physical version of the document and associated merchandising (stickers and bookmarks)
  • Digital version of the document and associated communication materials

Barcelona Provincial Council