Smart working, e-work and flexible times

The Metropolitan Area of Milan boasts a solid tradition in promoting work-life balance solutions, e-work and specific projects to support parenting within the office. Every year, as part of the three-year Smart-working Organisation Plan (POLA), the Administration adapts new projects to meet the needs of its employees and to grant efficient services to metropolitan citizens.

The pandemic made it necessary to introduce smart working as an active solution to curb the spread of COVID-19. This process of “forced digitisation” has today allowed smart working to gain currency. On 31 March 2021 three internal documents (POLA, Performance Plan and Positive Actions Plan) confirmed the positive nature of the smart work model: it changes how we see the working environment, trains our focus on objectives and enhances the organisation’s productivity.

The Metropolitan Area of Milan additionally affirms that e-work projects are valuable solutions to meeting employee needs. The Administration provides flexible time schedules and part-time options to allow parental and child care.

Metropolitan Area of Milan