Teleworking as a tool for life balance

The City of Strasbourg was a pioneer in the development of telework in a public administration in 2013. Launched on an experimental basis, this new mode of work
organisation became common law in 2018. The
city has also set up a telework observatory to measure the impact of telework on the organisation of work and life and to formulate
proposals for its evolution.

The City of Strasbourg hopes to modernise the community at large in response to the evolution of work generated in particular by information and communication technologies and by constraints linked to sustainable development.

Telework is open to all EMS staff with teleworkable tasks and workers with disabilities, and there is the possibility to telework two set days a week at home or in a third place. Computer and telephone equipment is provided. Since the COVID-19 health crisis in 2020 when 3,200 agents were made to work remotely, fresh deliberations have helped to make the system more flexible and to increase the number of days teleworked.