Libraries and civic centres closer to citizens

The Department of Equality and Feminisms believes that society and governments must share responsibility for care if we hope to attain equality, particularly as it relates to gender. These services, designed as universal public services for zero- to fourteen-year-old children, strive to impact the local area and families, particularly women, to whom care work has been traditionally chiefly assigned.

In Catalonia, funding for the programme is expected to come from the city and county councils
that will implement it. Moreover, this policy is aligned with the government’s commitment to promoting co-responsibility; increasing free care coverage for zero- to three-years-old, and supporting other public policies involving leisure and other local initiatives already implemented.

Now we want to promote the Catalan public system for childcare services. This means broadening existing services and facilitating the creation of new ones as, for example, local babysitting, summer camps, children’s play centres and other public services offered out of school time and separate from the educational system.

Generalitat de Catalunya